12 x 16 Watercolor on paper

I haven’t painted much watercolor or nudes this year, but I was able to reconnect with my friend Jason this summer and was inspired to paint this. He’s posed on a window ledge with sunlight streaming in through our hotel room in Tahoe.

Couples: Butch+David


12×18. Watercolor. Furthering my series of real-life gay couples, here is a portrait of Butch and David, two longtime friends of ours. They’ve been incredibly supportive of my art in the past few years!

Denim Doggo


5×7 watercolor on paper. I stumbled on a photo of a pug in a denim jacket on reddit the other day a had to paint it. It looks more disturbing as a painting than a photo…



12×16 watercolor on paper. Keeping the cabin fever away with paintings and podcasts. I hope to turn this into prints, also.

A Grizzly End


12×16 watercolor on paper. Just finished this and may do another. Also, I’m considering making this into prints once the world starts rotating again.