Finding Warmth (Self-Portrait)


20 x 24 oil on canvas.

I started this the day after my father passed away. I considered earlier in the pandemic to work on a self-portrait as a form of record keeping for this surreal moment in my life. But after losing my dad I felt more of a push to work on it, mostly for catharsis. The year leading up to his death was a massive struggle, forcing me to confront my childhood with a standoffish father and looking to a future, aiding a myopic disabled man. As an adult I now understand and empathize why he was the way he was. I know that he loved each of his kids and towards the end he did his best to connect with us. When I look back on my life with my dad, I want to focus on finding that warmth in him and not regretting it took so long. This is a self-portrait of me, my father’s son.



16 x 16 Oil on canvas. The final piece for my chair series. My friend Tony was generous enough to lend me his husband, Garth for an afternoon to pose for this. Garth is an RMRL model alum and complete professional! I lit him with a single light source using some red and violet gels giving him a pinkish hue overall.



16 x 16 oil on canvas. Today I finished this portrait of everyone’s (or at least my) favorite Philly bartender; Ken McConaghy! I posed him in my large office chair and lit him from a single light source with some blue and orange gels. Huge thanks to Ken for his willingness to pose!



16×16 oil on canvas. My latest painting is a portrait of everyone’s favorite coach/gay uncle/friend Dave Cobb! I experimented using red and green gels over a single light source to add some additional color. Praise goes to Dave for being patient while I worked out my concept!

Titans (Bear Mythology)


My titan series is a throwback to oil paintings depicting Greek myths with idealized bodies. I wanted to create paintings showing my vision of the ideal male form and used my friends and acquaintances from the bear community as models. In addition I designed a couple minimalist line art tattoos to help illustrate the story of each titan, who they are and what they represent.